Complete Veterinary Services in Omaha, NE

Animal Center West Omaha keeps your pet’s well-being as a top priority. Our fully equipped clinic offers the vet services that your pet needs. We use modern diagnostics and treatments for conditions that may develop for your pet. Our clinic also uses digital x-rays to better evaluate your pet’s condition. This state of the art technology allows for us to see more detail.


Keep your pet in good health with preventative care. Our staff will help you take care of your pet and be prepared for age-related health issues. See our vet for:
Parasite Screening
Vaccine Recommendation
Physical Exams
Heart Worm Testing
Senior Pet Care
Nutritional Counseling


Ensure that your pet receives necessary preventative medicine for their needs. We offer affordable vaccine packages that follow the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines. Animal Center West Omaha offers rabies vaccinations and many more.

Dental Services

Dental care is extremely important for your furry friend. Ensuring that your pet receives proper dental care with us will help their overall health. Dental disease can cause pain, discomfort, infections and a decrease in the quality of their life. We want to make sure that your pet’s dental hygiene is as healthy as possible. Get in contact with us to schedule your pet’s teeth cleaning.
Dental Checkup 2 – Veterinary Care in Omaha, NE
Dental Checkup 2 – Veterinary Care in Omaha, NE
Dental Exams
Dental Cleaning
Dental Disease Treatment

Surgical Services

Animal Center West Omaha performs both complex procedures and minor surgeries for your furry friend. We use the latest pain medication because your pet's comfort is top priority. Each patient receives individual care and the staff will answer your questions regarding the surgery at admittance.
Surgery – Veterinary Care in Omaha, NE

Laboratory Services

If your pet needs a laboratory diagnosis, we will provide it for you as quickly as possible. Our on-site laboratory allows for us to run your pet’s diagnostics accurately and quickly. You won’t have to leave before getting your results. We’ll provide you with a complete wellness/senior profile and more for your furry friend.

Digital Radiology

We have the latest in digital radiology on site and can consult with radiologists. Animal Center West Omaha is able to provide more details regarding your pet, when we use these images.


Animal Center West Omaha has a convenient on-site pharmacy. We have a complete inventory of the latest prescriptions, prescription diets, flea & tick preventatives and pharmaceuticals.
Speedy Prescription Fulfillment
Learn more about our veterinary services and give us a call at 402-758-0123.